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Help Crown The "Tire King" by Supporting Little Miami Conservancy

Who will be crowned the real “Tire King” of the Little Miami River?


The challenge has been issued and we’re talkin’ trash! The main event? A badge of honor to determine the TRUE Tire King of the Little Miami State and National Scenic River.  The challenge will benefit two great groups – Adventure Crew and The Little Miami Conservancy. 


Each summer the push is on to rid the Little Miami of general trash, and tires!  River Sweeps are conducted by volunteers to bring in the trash.  This is one of many ways these organizations help keep the Little Miami State and National Scenic River clean for the enjoyment of many.


The Contenders:









Who will win this epic battle?


Will it be Mark Bersani of Loveland Canoe and Kayak or Bryan Wolf of Roads Rivers and Trails?  Both are claiming the honor of Tire King. 


Mark Bersani is reppin’ Adventure Crew


Bryan Wolf is turning his talents to the Little Miami Conservancy. 



Both organizations deserve your support, but more importantly, how many tires will be pulled out of the Little Miami by the end of August?   


Who will be crowned the ultimate Tire King of the Little Miami River?  Trash Talkin’ for a cause!


To support Bryan and LMC, you can make a donation using the form below. The event runs from June 1st to September 1st with the winner being whoever removes the most tires and raises the most for their cause!


Bryan Wolf
of Roads,Rivers, and Trails

Mark Bersani
of Loveland Canoe & Kayak 

Support Bryan's Campaign for LMC
Make a Gift Below

Thank Your For Your Donation!

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