LMC Kicks Off "Love Your Little Miami" Annual Fund Campaign

We're proud to announce our "Love Your Little Miami " campaign running throughout the month of November!


This year more people than ever discovered the peace and solitude offered by the jewel in our midst - the Little Miami National Wild & Scenic River. They enjoyed the 103 miles of natural beauty (over half of the river) that has been restored and conserved by LMC and its many partners!


The river we love needs your continued support to protect, and expand upon all the great conservation work that we - and YOU - have made.  Please make a gift to the "Love Your Little Miami" Fund! 

LMC Announces 2020 Conservation Projects

LMC is pleased to announce a long list of conservation projects for 2020-2021, including the purchase and major restoration of over one mile of riverfront farmland land in Greene County,  continuation and improvement of its water quality monitoring project entitled the "DOMES" project to constantly monitor dissolved oxygen at 9 river sites, it's long-running Little Miami Clean Sweep, the John Ruthven Fishing Clinic, Public programs at the LMC River Center,  and more.  LMC is also seeking to boost its Endowment Fund to $1 million.  If you are interested in contributing to these worthy efforts, please email  . Thanks!

New LMC Video Highlights Great Blue Herons

Think Globally - Act Locally. Thanks for supporting the Little Miami Conservancy by clicking the "DONATE" button at . Enjoy this latest Little Miami 'Xperience' video on the Great Blue Herons of the Little Miami. ENJOY!

ANOTHER River Eyesore Bites the Dust!

LMC has acquired yet another riverfront parcel near Bellbrook and in March 2020 demolished another eyesore (the third in two years)  along the Little Miami . This condemned house at 3135 Washington Mill Road was in tax arrears for several years and was acquired by Sugarcreek Township, transferred to the Little Miami Conservancy, and LMC has demolished the structure and restored the native beauty of this stretch of the Little Miami riverbank. Funding was provided by the former Upper River Fund established by LMC Founder Glenn Thompson. MANY thanks to Sugarcreek Township officials and staff!

LMC Monitors Dissolved Oxygen in Little Miami 24/7

In 2019 the Little Miami Conservancy rolled out an historic water quality monitoring system to monitor the health of the Little Miami National Wild & Scenic River. YSI Xylem has generously donated 9 EXO1 "Sondes" which LMC has placed at strategic locations along the Little Miami starting in Greene County and stretching downstream through Warren County, Clermont County and Hamilton County. The Sondes records the critical level of dissolved oxygen in the river round the clock every 15 minutes. In 2020 LMC expanded this important effort to partner with Central State University and Groundwork ORV. Stay tuned to the LMC Facebook page for updates.

Letting the LIttle Miami Rebuild Eroding Riverbanks

A new chapter is unfolding for addressing streambank erosion where needed along the Little Miami. CLICK on the photo for a 3 minute video introduction.  Channel Maintenance Systems (CMS), founded by William Holdren and Ronald Wine in 1984, specializes in environmentally sound, cost effective strategies and techniques to manage waterways that provide a lasting solution to mitigate problem erosion areas and flow obstructions.They adapted and modified these basic techniques to create the CMS river management system based in large part on the findings and actual practice of river restoration methods pioneered by Ohio native George Palmiter and studied by the US Army Corps of Engineers. (Reference: Contributing Report 82-CR1, March, 1982) These techniques have been developed, refined and proven effective in a multitude of projects in Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee and North Carolina. Recently CMS has contracted with the Warren County Engineer to address bank erosion at the Corwin Nixon Covered Bridge south of Waynesville.

Enjoy the Little Miami with a Great LMC Map!

Start your next Little Miami adventure with a great map! The LMC map series includes color maps showing the river, trail, roads, and much more!  You can even download the maps onto your cell phone for easy reference 'in the field'. Info includes public access, river mileage, trail milelage, parking, restrooms, major parks, and much more!  Three maps cover the entire river corridor.  

LMC's Smallmouth Sonny Kids Book a Hit

LMC has published a wonderul children's book highlighting the journey of 'Smallmouh Sonny" and his river friends!  Close to 5,000 books have been distributed to area young students, and author Bill Schroeder continues to present a "meet the author" day at over 50 area classrooms! If you'd like Bill to join your class of students (VIA ZOOM!) for a "meet the author" day, email . MANY thanks to James Billiter for illustrative this imaginative book!

Enjoy a video reading of this great little story, both in English and Spanish!

LMC Removes River Dam and Concrete Debris with Help of Generous Funders

LMC is pleased to announce the completion of a major restoration effort along the Little Miami in Greene County. ​On September 26, 2019 LMC removed a low-head dam to restore the river's natural ecosystem and improve paddling safety. Located downstream from the US68 on the LMC Case Nature Preserve, the demolition work was funded by Patagonia and YSI Xylem.  The project will also include the natural restoration of several LMC nature preserves in the area, removing invasives and planting native species.

Scientists are seeking the cause of mussel die-off across the nation.

Scientists are seeking the cause of mussel die-off in Tennesee's Clinch River and across the nation. Scientific studies of the aquatic life in the Little Miami over the past 30 years, while showing similar declines in mussel population, have also shown a return of fish and macroinvertebrate populations to "exceptional" levels of health. "It is very important that we support the scientific research to identify the cause of mussel declines" notes LMC Executive Director Eric B. Partee, "before we start pointing fingers." The recent article in the Dayton-Journal Newspaper can be found at…/scie…/ggu5gQ4Ueyl9fwtms9c21N/ 

Cicinnati's Bald Eagle Nest to be Preserved!

Duke has awarded $25,000 for the new Mouth of the Little Miami River Nature Preserve. Home to the City of Cincinnati's only Bald Eagle Nest, the nature preserve will add 122 acres and over one mile of riverfront forest preserve protection to the Little Miami! MANY thanks to the great lead work of the #CardinalLandConservancy in partnership with the Little Miami Conservancy to make this happen.

This is another great protection project which compliments LMC's recent one-mile acquisition along the river near Spring Valley earlier this year. Future generations (of children and eagles) will appreciate this worthy effort!

“We’re committed to the environment and will do our part to recognize programs that advance this mission.”said Amy Spiller, Duke Energy Ohio and Kentucky president. Majority funding is expected from the Clean Ohio project.

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