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Our History

The Little Miami Conservancy (LMC), formerly known as Little Miami, Inc. (LMI), was founded in 1967 as a 501c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the restoration and protection of the Little Miami National Wild & Scenic River.

Founding father and Dayton newspaper editor Glenn Thompson brought together fellow conservationists Arthur Morgan, Skeets Fred, and Charles Sawyer to incorporate this historic effort. Glenn envisioned a "corridor of green' lining the river to inspire us and restore our spirit.

On Bikes

The Little Miami Bike Trail & LMC

LMC led the effort in Washington DC and Columbus to fund the creation of the Little Miami Bike Trail in the late 1970's, Ohio's first Rails to Trails project. 


Ohio's First National Wild and Scenic River

In 1973 the Little Miami was designated a National Wild and Scenic River, due in large part to the conservancy's leadership. This work continues today



LMC maintains a full-time Executive Director and a part-time staff member to support the organization's ongoing efforts

The LMC Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated volunteers who help LMC achieve its vision, mission and objectives to protect and restore the natural splendor of the Little Miami National Wild and Scenic River.

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