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LMC by the numbers

Big Wave

100 miles of river restored to "exceptional health"


120 nature preserves created


55,000 trees planted

220 acres of prairie planted

Protecting Riverfront Land

LMC acquires controlling interests in riverfront lands and restores these lands with tree and prairie plantings,  In addition to land acquisition, LMC is proud of employing a "win-win" strategy for successful partnership in river conservation with both private landowners and public agencies.

Educational Programs

Education is key to fostering long-term concern for the Little Miami and its environment. LMC educates thousands of trail and river users and kids of all ages on the natural wonders of the river. LMC has published books on the fishing the river and a wonderful children’s book entitled “Smallmouth Sonny of
Bass Island Bar”.

"Clean Sweeps"

Annually LMC holds the Lower Little Miami Clean Sweep, removing tires and trash, returning the Little Miami to its "wild and scenic nature"

Research and Water Monitoring

Working with strategic partners like YSI Inc. and Central State University, LMC monitors water quality throughout the river. The organization partners with the Ohio EPA and other agencies regularly to ensure the health of the Little Miami River.

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