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Letting the Little Miami Rebuild Eroding Riverbanks

A new chapter is unfolding for addressing streambank erosion where needed along the Little Miami. CLICK on the photo for a 3 minute video introduction. Channel Maintenance Systems (CMS), founded by William Holdren and Ronald Wine in 1984, specializes in environmentally sound, cost effective strategies and techniques to manage waterways that provide a lasting solution to mitigate problem erosion areas and flow obstructions.They adapted and modified these basic techniques to create the CMS river management system based in large part on the findings and actual practice of river restoration methods pioneered by Ohio native George Palmiter and studied by the US Army Corps of Engineers. (Reference: Contributing Report 82-CR1, March, 1982) These techniques have been developed, refined and proven effective in a multitude of projects in Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee and North Carolina. Recently CMS has contracted with the Warren County Engineer to address bank erosion at the Corwin Nixon Covered Bridge south of Waynesville.

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