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YSI 'Sondes' Tell a Story of River Health; Central State Team Helps Write the Chapters

Dissolved Oxygen is essential to all aquatic life, including the 84 species of fish that call the Little Miami 'home'. YSI has donated nine state-of-the-art monitors (see photo left) to LMC and 'DO' levels are collected every 15 minutes around the clock. "This is especially important since DO levels trend lower around 4am," notes Eric B. Partee, LMC Executive Director. "The data collected to date are very encouraging showing that DO in Little Miami is well above the stringient OEPA standards for the river." The Little Miami is categorized by OEPA as 'exceptional warmwater habitat' placing the river in the top 10% of the river ecosytems in Ohio. Stay tuned for more updates on this project later this year.

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