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Another Eyesore Demolition Completed at Clifton Gorge – John Bryan State Park

Land restoration continues along the Little Miami River with the demolition of the Diggs Cabin - a condemned house acquired through the Clean Ohio Fund. The demolition was part of an agreement between the Little Miami Conservancy (LMC) and funds from Clean Ohio. The Diggs project included the replanting of native trees by the YSI Xylem crew at the new LMC Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve as part of the restoration project. Located along the south trail between the foot bridges in John Bryan State Park, this 8 acre parcel is the last private inholding in Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve. The parcel is now owned by LMC for permanent preservation in its natural splendor.

This project was completed in November – wrapping up the program to acquire, demolish, and replace these eyesores with tree plantings – preserving the Little Miami greenbelt to its original beauty.

The razing of the Diggs cabin at John Bryant State park joins a line of other rundown cottages that were torn down along the Little Miami including Clare Yard, Bass Island, Avoca Park, Milford, Miamiville, Peters Cartridge, Fort Ancient area, Yellow Spring, and Bellbrook areas. LMC is proud of employing a “win-win” strategy for successful partnership in river conservation with both private landowner and public agencies.

The Little Miami Conservancy continues to restore natural habitats – providing a green barrier to ensure environmental preservation – continuing to preserve the natural beauty along the Little Miami riverfront. Thanks to the work of LMC and it partners to date nearly the entire 100 mile stretch of the Little Miami River is considered in “exceptional health”. LMC has created over 110 nature preserves, planted 50,000 trees, and created 200 acres of prairie. This preservation of the Little Miami River and its tributaries is vital to the greater Dayton – Cincinnati area, providing clean habitats for fish and wildlife as well as outdoor recreational value to all who live in southwest Ohio.

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