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How Can You Make Every Day Earth Day in 2024 and Beyond?

The totality of the Solar Eclipse happens once in a lifetime in the Ohio Valley.  April 9, 2024 saw an outpouring of amazement across all communities in its path.  Our natural world at work tends to do that, uniting people in a shared experience. Whether witnessing a Solar Eclipse, or enjoying the Little Miami State and National Scenic River from a bird’s eye view, there is something for all to enjoy.  Earth Day, April 22, 2024 accomplishes similar objectives – bringing greater awareness of the natural world around us. Celebrating Earth Day encourages us to look outside and up to appreciate and support our natural world.


The Little Miami Conservancy (LMC) at Work


The Little Miami Conservancy has been hard at work to support the LMC Mission:  Providing the leadership, resources and public engagement necessary to restore and protect the Little Miami State and National Scenic River.  There is perhaps no greater enjoyment, as evidenced by the April 9th Solar Eclipse, that pulls us together as a community to wonder at the natural world.


Support for this nationally recognized river has never been greater, however the need to continue conservation of this treasure is ongoing.  The Little Miami Conservancy not only stewards the river, but protects the riverbank and riparian corridor along 110 miles of Little Miami State and National Scenic River.

Support for ongoing programs is always critical.


Our Newest Little Miami Eaglets

With the onset of Spring, our favorite pair of Bald Eagles is back.  Bette and Baker, the parents have produced three new eaglets named LM 5,6,7 for tracking purposes.

The first egg was produced on President’s Day.  The first eaglet pipped/hatched on March 28 with the third emerging on April 2nd. Our watchful audience - 17,000 over the past month - have been treated to seeing the wonder of this Eagle family unfold through the Bald Eagle Cam, a program supported by generous donors.


Land Conservation and Management Projects


Our founder Glenn Thompson originally created the Little Miami Conservancy (formerly known as Little Miami Inc.) in 1967 with a vision of protecting a green corridor of land along the Little Miami for wildlife and visitors to enjoy. Today, LMC protects over 240 properties totaling over 2,100 acres of land primarily along the Little Miami River. The majority of these properties are owned by LMC and managed as natural areas for the benefit of the river and wildlife. 


LMC has also manages 34 conservation easements that exist on privately owned land. These easements are agreements with private land owners to ensure the protection of important natural areas along the Little Miami and its tributaries


Our Newest Preserve: The Bob and Mary Nutter Nature Preserve


The newest LMC Preserve was recently made possible by the generous donation of 92 acres of land along the Little Miami River in Greene County.  The Nutter family has donated 2.5 miles of riverfront land as a commitment to forever protection by LMC.  Gifts of land along the Little Miami truly create a legacy for the environment by keeping the riparian corridor in its natural state.  These gifts also create opportunities for LMC to educate others on the value of conservation and stewardship through outdoor programming.


The Bob and Mary Nutter Nature Preserve

Education Extends Beyond the Banks of the Little Miami State and National Scenic River


LMC is committed to offering varied educational opportunities for young and old.  Through programming provided by the Roaming Naturalist, Raptors, Inc., and our own Bill Schroeder, author of, “Sonny Smallmouth Bass of Bass Island Bar,” budding lovers of the outdoor world are educated and form a lifelong relationship with the outdoors and the Little Miami State and National Scenic River. 


Meet the Author Bill Schroeder


In 2015 Bill Schroeder, LMC Board Member and longtime fly fisherman had an idea.  An idea that included writing a children’s book telling the story about a little lost fish, who finds his way home and meets a lot of wildlife friends along the way.  Smallmouth Sonny reveals a lot about the Little Miami River.


Bill Schroeder regularly visits local classrooms, sharing Sonny’s story and reaching out to students at all levels.  Bill’s visits to schools has become an important part of the educational aspect of LMC.  It helps all to know,  appreciate, and support the ecosystems, and wildlife habitats so vital to the health of the Little Miami River watershed.  In its second printing, 10,000 copies of  the book, Smallmouth Sonny, have been printed and more than 7,000 have been distributed through classroom visits like the “Meet the Author” programs at schools like South Lebanon Elementary.


Innovative Programming for all Ages


With warmer weather ahead, LMC has partnered with providers like The Roaming Naturalist, Raptors, Inc., Loveland Paddlesports, Roads Rivers and Trails, and others to provide outdoor education and experiences.  Programs involving Nature Journaling, Wildflower Walks, River Sweeps and other programs showcase and educate unique aspects of this treasured river.  Activities exist for all ages and can be found at


Staying Connected


Make a plan to get in touch with your outdoor self, enjoying an outdoor activity along the Little Miami State and National Scenic River.


This Earth Day, LMC will continue its 50 plus year tradition of stewardship of the Little Miami State and National Scenic River for the public good and enjoyment of this national treasure. However, this organization does not come without a cost. 

LMC kicks off an online auction – April 12-29th -  featuring great items and outdoor activities to help you celebrate.  Funds from this event will allow LMC to continue its mission of stewardship for the public good.  LMC appreciates our lifetime supporters and looks forward to see you all on the river.






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