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Celebrating Earth Day - Everyday

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

The Little Miami Conservancy Continues its commitment to Protection and Restoration of the Little Miami State and National Scenic River.

As another Earth Day rolls around Friday, April 22, it is good to ponder why this is important, what it means to us as inhabitants of this planet, and what we are doing at the Little Miami Conservancy (LMC) to celebrate earth, each and every day.

What is Earth Day Anyway?

The first Earth Day in 1970 was conceptualized by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, based on a number of environmental crises – toxic oil spills, air pollution, industrialization and other factors - adversely affecting wildlife, humans, and our greatest natural resource, Mother Earth. With help from many other partners, what first began as a grass roots organization, gave rise to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the National Environmental Education Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the Clean Air Act, and the Clean Water Act. Fast forward to 2022. Currently Earth Day is recognized in 193 countries and celebrated by a spirit of civic involvement and volunteerism by a community devoted to supporting our global environment.

The Little Miami Conservancy is a non-profit organization with a mission to restore and protect the Little Miami State and National Scenic River for generations to come.

Recent and ongoing projects reflect LMC’s commitment to restore, conserve, and to raise local public awareness of this jewel of a river and all that it offers along its 100 plus mile course.

About the Little Miami Conservancy

LMC Celebrates Earth Day through River Conservation, Research, and Education

Recent activities include projects to restore lands along the river by planting over 5,000 native trees, conducting river sweep cleanups, researching fish and freshwater mussel populations, and an upcoming project to survey the entire 100 plus mile length of the Little Miami to assess the condition of habitat along the river and to pinpoint any areas that will require a river cleanup.

Beneath the Surface - Restoring Fresh Water Mussels

Land Restoration Continues - LMC

Education is Key for Conservation Efforts

In terms of educating the public, LMC - with many partners - conduct nature education programs for individuals, family and youth, helping the general public understand the importance the natural world plays in our everyday lives.

Educational Events

In addition, through generous sponsorships, LMC has established both an EagleCam and an OspreyCam, established to allow the public to witness and follow important birds 24/7 virtually. These are birds that were once near extinction and who are part of the wildlife health of the Little Miami River.

Bald Eagle Cam

Osprey Cam

Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day should be celebrated each day, recognizing that unless action is taken to conserve, restore, and continually practice good stewardship of our environment, one of our greatest gifts, our ecosystem will be at risk.

As a resident of this larger community, we encourage you to kick off your lifelong relationship with the LMC this Earth Day. Become a steward for this gem of a river by volunteering or donating to the Little Miami Conservancy. And remember to get outside and keep enjoying the Little Miami River this Earth Day and throughout the coming years.

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